Access Ability Wisconsin (AAW) and Oregon Sportsman’s Club are working together on “Outdoors Access 4 All!” ™

As a Community Partner we are helping to make available an AAW all-terrain outdoor wheelchair (OWC) and enclosed trailer for off-site use and on-site use for OSC events and activities.

Individuals: **Reserve an AAW OWC and an enclosed trailer to create your own outdoor adventure OR join us at OSC! Make your reservation today.

Organizations: *** Want to make your community events accessible? Contact AAW about
your event or program requirements for more opportunities to reserve AAW
resources for your event. Email [email protected] or submit an inquiry on AAW’s website: (Under “Inquiry Topic” – Check “Events” )

**  Any reservation requests needed sooner than 7 days prior to checkout 
will require a non-refundable expedite fee. Deposits only from individuals 
may be donated or refunded after completing the online survey within 3 days 
of returning the equipment in the same or better condition.

*** A minimum deposit is required in addition to a fee per chair. Deposit returns require completed
surveys, pictures/video, promotion of AAWs mission and motto, and equipment returned in the
same or better condition. Please see AAW’s Policy for further details including organizational use.