Sporting Clay Shoots

Youth Archery Tournament

For young archers looking to put their skills to the test, we offer a Youth Archery Tournament each spring. This increasingly popular event attracts boys and girls looking for a competitive challenge and to further develop their skills. Shooters go head to head with other competitors in any of five categories in which they meet the age requirements. There is no limit to the number of events a participant may enter though a separate registration fee applies to each. Points are awarded based on accuracy for a total of 300. Young archers should be trained in basic elements of the sport and have a solid understanding of the rules and safety regulations of archery.


  • NFAA blue and white five- and single-spot targets
  • 60 arrows
  • 10- and 20-yard options


  • $20 for the first shooting event
  • $10 per each additional event
  • Make checks payable to: Oregon Sportsman’s Club

Categories and Ages

  • Bare Bow
  • Limited: fingers, no sights
  • Unlimited: release
  • Ages 8 and under
  • Ages 9 to 11
  • Ages 12 to 14
  • Ages 15 to 18
  • Outlaw: 10 yards, ages 11 and over
  • Advanced: 20 yards, ages 12 and under
Fred Clark
Fred ClarkArchery League and Archery Instruction Director
[email protected]