Dear Club Members,

On Saturday, October 7, 2017, your fellow club members, Carroll Hermanson, Chuck Paxton, Ron Rebman, Tom Shackelford and our club’s secretary Becki Clark’s father, Gary Shackelford will be going on the Badger Honor Flight.  For those of you not familiar with Badger Honor Flight, they fly WWII, Korean and Vietnam War Veterans to Washington D.C. for the day to thank them for their service and show them the memorials built in their honor.  It is a very exciting and very emotional day for the Veterans.

On the flight home, there is “Mail Call”.  The Veterans are presented with an envelope full of letters and cards from their family and friends thanking them for their service to our great country.  Also, when the Veterans arrive back home, there is a Welcome Home Celebration at the airport.  This is the reason for this message to all of you!

First, please take a moment to write a card or letter of thanks to these 5 very deserving Vietnam Veterans.  You can drop your letters and cards off at the club or mail them to Becki Clark.  If you choose to drop them off at the club, there is a file cabinet next to the desk in the Clubhouse labeled “Archery”.  In there you will find a large envelope to put your letters and cards in.  You will also find some thank you cards in there to fill out if you would like.  All Mail Call is due in the cabinet or to Becki by September 6th.

Second, join us at the airport for the Welcome Home Celebration!  LITERALLY thousands of people come to the airport for this.  Make signs and bring your flags and welcome home 90 true American heroes that night including our fabulous 5!  Imagine their faces when they see their families and their friends from the Oregon Sportsman’s Club!  This moment is a very emotional moment for all.  I promise you it will be a night you will NEVER,EVER forget!

The Hermanson and Clark families have arranged for school buses to take people from the club to the airport the night of October 7th.  There will be a get together at the club starting at 5pm that evening.  Buses will leave at 6:30pm.  The flight is due in around 9pm.  The buses will then take everyone back to the club and we will then gather to toast and thank our Veterans.  The cost to those riding the bus is $5.00 per person and payable to Kris or Becki.  Payment is needed in advance.  Please let Kris or Becki know by September 15th if you would like to ride the bus.  There is also a sign up on the pool table at the club.  If you wish not to ride the bus and drive yourself, please do so!  We ask that those that come to the club for the “pre airport party” please bring a dish to share.

If you joined us when our founding member Jim Rowe went in 2015, you know what an amazing night it was!

If you have any questions, please ask Becki or Kris.

Kevin, Alesha, Pat and Becki will be on the flight with their dads as Guardians.  Tom’s granddaughter Evah will be his Guardian.  It’s going to be a very special day and we hope you can share in it with all of us celebrating our dad’s and grandfather!

Thank you!

Becki Clark

5868 Lincoln Road

Oregon, WI 53575