On September 13, OSC members Phil Maier, Monica Kamal, Steve Spaeni, Todd Weis, and Ray Anderson, along with other members of their Madison Area Safe Hunters Instructor Team conducted another successful Hunter Internet Field Day.

Thirty students attended the field day. Prior to the event, each student completed and passed a DNR-certified online Hunter Safety course and brought along a printout of their successful online test results.

We had a wonderful sunny day, which started out quite cool and windy yet ended up being very warm for the outside field tests.

All 30 students performed extremely well. On the written test, all students scored 90% or better, with 17 achieving 100% correct. For the field fest, 27 students achieved a 100% score and 3 students did very well, missing only one question. The field test is the hands-on portion of the testing process. Students must not only provide correct responses but also physically demonstrate their safe firearm-handling knowledge and skills.

As with all of our classes, we continue to receive numerous positive comments about the Oregon Sportsman’s Club. Parents and students really enjoy the setting, how well the club is maintained, and the new patio, trapshooting area. Some attendees and parents inquired about joining the club. We provided them information on single and family memberships as well as directed them to the club’s website.

The Madison Area Safe Hunters Instructor Team appreciates the use of the club’s facilities and their support of hunter safety. This type of support is very important as we grow our future hunters.

Thank you,
Ray Anderson
Hunter Education Safety Instructor
Member, Oregon Sportsman’s Club