Two members of the Oregon Sportsman’s Club, John Krull and Alex Schmalz, were invited by Aguila Ammunition to shoot in the first annual Copa Aguila Sporting Clay tournament in Acapulco, Mexico on September 25-27, 2015. The 200 target event was held at Club de Caza y Pesca Acapulco A.C., that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. There were 41 Americans at the event that included professional clays shooters, shooting sports media, ammunition distributors, and friends of Aguila. Approximately 210 Mexicans participated in the shoot and another 150 were not able to make it due to a highway closer from Mexico City due to a political protest.

Only four Americans brought their own shotguns due to the challenges with Mexican customs and Aguila supplied guns for the rest of us. It was a very difficult shoot as the course was designed for speed and distance – nothing like the OSC sporting clay events. The event organizers and Mexican shooters were very cordial to us gringos and we look forward to shooting again next year.

John Krull