Dear Fellow Oregon Sportsman’s Club Members,

I want to share a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone for making my special event, the Badger Honor Flight to Washington D.C. in October, even more extraordinary.

All the Oregon Sportsman’s Club work done—from the pre-planning and its coordination, the poster, the “mail call” letters to the greetings at Dane County Airport and the get-together afterwards at the Oregon Sportsman’s Club —made my day so beyond words for me.

I also want to extend a very special note of thanks to some folks:

  • To Becki, Fred, and Bailey Clark, Badger Honor Flight volunteers and Oregon Sportsman’s Club members, who made my trip so much easier and enjoyable and who helped coordinate with Oregon Sportsman’s Club.
  • To Becki, thanks for your help, patience and guidance in signing up for the Badger Honor Flight, preparing for the special day, at the airport, and for all your coordination with my daughter so she could meet me in D.C.
  • To Chuck Paxton for the EARLY MORNING drop-off at the airport and for keeping me company while waiting to leave Madison.
  • To John Krull, who made the wonderful poster/sign and to everyone who helped assemble the signs.
  • To everyone who wrote me “mail call” letters—I thoroughly enjoyed them all. When my name was called for mail, I couldn’t believe I had two large packages of letters!
  • To all who were able to make it to the airport. I was totally amazed and surprised to see everyone!
  • And to those who worked behind the scenes to coordinate the bus and the get-together back at Oregon Sportsman’s Club that evening.

I cannot tell you how much I and my entire family and grandchildren, including my brothers, nieces and nephews and their families who came to the airport, were bowled over by the Oregon Sportsman’s Club contingent. As always, Oregon Sportsman’s Club did itself proud.

Thank you, too, for supporting me and all our U.S. veterans and our time served. I am proud to be a U.S. veteran and will never forget the Badger Honor Flight, due in no small part to the Oregon Sportsman’s Club.

Lastly, I am grateful for everyone’s friendship and how you make me feel part of something special at the Oregon Sportsman’s Club!

Best regards,

Jim Rowe